Qualifications and Training Methods:

Karen Pryor Academy® Puppy Start Right Instructor Certification course

Karen Pryor Academy® Dog Trainer Foundation course

Certodog® Puppy Course Instructor certification by Behavioral Veterinarian  Esther Würtz  

Certodo®g HIK-1 (Dog Instructor Course)certification (www.certodog.ch)

SKN-Trainer certification Certodog (www.certodog.ch)

SVEB 1 certified instructor (Swiss Federation for Adult Education)

More than 25 years experience in adult education (English teaching, time management and dog training)

Further Education

Nosework with Andrew Ramsey in Vallejo, California, USA (www.ramseynosework.com)

Agility with Terry Simons at “Flying Dog Agility” in Los Angeles, California, USA  (http://flyingdogagility.com/.)

Leerburg Online University Courses: (https://university.leerburg.com)

Courses by Forrest Micke:

            Teaching Engagement Skills

            The Heeler's Toolbox / Beginner

Courses by Mark Keating

   Functional Play Development "The Rules of Play"

   Relationship Games

Courses by Joshua Moran

    Small Dogmanship - Success for your Small Dog

Agility with Greg & Laura Derrett: Ultimate Agility Online Courses:(http://www.ultimateagility.com)

                      Ultimate Reinforcement

                      Ultimate Foundation

                      Ultimate Handling

Practical training in San Diego, California under the tutelage of
Lee Wells,  PhD, J.D., CPDT-KA, CADT (www.wellsdogs.com)

Training Methods

Application of the most up-to-date dog training methods on modern Learning Theory and Behaviour using Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning. (clicker / marker training)

Reward-based training (food, toy, play and external rewards) with positive reinforcement for desired behaviour. If you are willing to reward your dog for his engagement and progress in learning, this is the school for you.

Undesired behaviour is either ignored or re-focused/re-directed and alternative behaviours are trained.

NOTE: Swiss animal protection laws forbid the use of pinch-collars, electric-collars,  choke chains and devices which cause the dog physical or psychological  discomfort. Devices that use electric shocks, painful sounds or chemicals are also forbidden. These and other positive-punishment devices will not be allowed or used in my school. Also dog owners using severe or intimidating  “training methods” on their dogs will not be tolerated.

About me:

Dog training is actually PEOPLE training.

As a certified instructor with more than 25 years experience in adult education, it is my goal and passion to help people learn to communicate more efficiently, effectively and positively with their dogs.  To achieve that end, I have worked with top trainers in Europe and North America as well as taken online courses to provide the best positive training for my clients.

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* Important Notice: I am NOT a behavioral specialist and do not consider myself sufficiently qualified to work with “problem” dogs: including aggression towards people/other animals or extremely fearful /timid dogs. In such cases, I usually recommend people contact:

Pro Cane

Alain & Shirin Scheidegger

Region Basel, Fricktal und Umgebung


+41 (0) 79 845 20 13

Or ask your veterinarian for a recommendation for another qualified behaviorial therapist.

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