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How do I stop my dog from

pulling on the leash?

Entire books have been written about this common problem and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of training methods out there to solve it. (Some work better than others, some are easier on the dog than others.

Most dog schools recommend stopping and backing up when the dogs leash is almost tight and waiting for the dog to slow or turn around.  This is fine as a training exercise, but when you need to get from point A to point B with your dog quickly, it can be extremely frustrating.

Variations of this include making lots of unpredictable turns and about-faces so that the dog has to keep his eye on you all the time. It works, but honestly it does not make for a relaxing walk for either the dog or for the handler.

There are also dozens of products on the market designed to help with this issue: from pinch collars (btw these are forbidden in Switzerland) to E-collars (also forbidden in Switzerland) to Haltis and Gentle Leader like products – which are great and really work if you use them correctly and if your dog has a muzzle long enough to put one on!

There is no way to write this article without it sounding like a commercial advert, but I have found a product that REALLY WORKS: the Mekuti Balance Harness.T he beauty of this harness is that the dog pretty much teaches himself that it is easier just to walk at your pace. (I personally prefer this one to the Sensation harnesses as it offers more control over the dog and is much better especially for short-legged dogs, this one has side rings to keep the leash from going under the dog's front legs.

I highly recommend and sell these Mekuti Balance harnesses to people who have problems with their dog pulling on the leash. Here is a video of how to use it. It TAKES SOME PRACTICE, but I find it offers better control than a collar or any normal harness.

How to Use the Mekuti Balance Harness