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Why Train Indoors?

Ice-balls on the paws form quickly and can be extremely painful and slow to melt away, cutting short our time for walks and play outside. (There are doggie-boots for sale that take care of this problem. We just haven’t found ones that are right for her.)

Agility and Dog Sport classes often need to be canceled in wintertime or at other times of the year when the weather or ground conditions are bad. Lily and I just don’t want to stop training for months in winter time!

We have a different opinion on the matter.

My Coton de Tulear, “Lily,” and I love being outside, but there are definitely certain things outdoors which can negatively affect the quality of training and the desire to learn for both the dog and the person:

There are certainly all-weather, hard-core dog owners and trainers out there who might argue that there is no good reason to do dog-training indoors.

Rescued Dogs: It is often very difficult and sometimes impossible to let a rescued dog run free off-leash. In their past, chasing cats and other little animals often meant the difference between eating and starving. It is important for all dogs, but especially crucial for ex-street dogs, to have the opportunity of getting a good mental and physical workout so that they do not develop destructive habits in their new homes and that they do not represent a danger for themselves or others when outside.

Theory classes and Seminars: I want to offer a nice, comfortable space for doing seminars and workshops.

And in summer, it is sometimes just too hot and humid

for a really good workout !

The great outdoors is still out there when we want it… but it’s nice to have the option of doing our training in


Let’s face it: sometimes people just don’t have the time, or the physical flexibility to do a major clean up after every bad-weather training session.

My dog gets to enjoy a dog’s life, but she’s not allowed to run around my flat looking like that!

Clean-up : sure it’s part of being a dog-owner: dirty dog, dirty car, (dirty looks from people in the tram and bus if you don’t have a car!)

Safety:  In winter time it gets dark earlier, the cats come out earlier, visibility is poor for drivers, bicyclists, dogs and owners. Wet, icy streets can be challenging for older people, older dogs or people with a disability.

Puppy classes: In puppy classes, it is especially important that the training area is safe, distraction-free and manageable.

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