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Brain & Body:

Who is this course designed for?

 People who want to challenge themselves and their dogs in a variety of training situations without going too in-depth into any one sport or discipline.

 People with dogs who have done the SKN-Practical and wonder what to do now...

 People who are unsure where their dog's talents and interests lie and want to try out a variety of options.

 High-energy dogs and dogs that get bored easily (often these dogs just need more brain-work)

 Dogs and/or owners who have mobility issues and don't want to /are unable to run an agility course but still wish to train their dogs on some of the agility equipment where possible.

Course Length: open-ended.

Course content: This is a mixed-sport and obedience course.

Handler instruction: learning-theory basics: training words, classical and operant conditioning, reward-delivery mechanics, body- and signal mechanics: shaping, targeting, capturing.

Dog instruction: refining the "basics": sit, down, wait, recall; touch pads, basic agility skills, nosework (search/detection) basics and more

Course Size: Maximum 4 dogs.

Cost: CHF 50.00/hour or CHF 480.00 for a 10-lesson block

Start: This is one of the most popular courses. Starting dates are flexible. As much as possible, participants are carefully matched to ensure that the course goals are similar.

Puppy and Young Dog courses

Puppy classes are for dogs between 8-16 weeks (2-4 months) of age. The course is designed to help puppies “socialize /habituate” (= get used to /able to ignore) other dogs, people, noises, various surfaces, moving or unusual objects, etc. The course is also designed to advise owners on caring for and managing puppies: housebreaking, grooming, nutrition, obedience and more. (Please note that puppies must have their first immunizations and be de-wormed before attending this course.)

Young Dog classes are for dogs between 4-9 months of age. This is course continues and advances the “socialization” process of the dog and starts building in formal training habits and cues. Owners can benefit from further household management advice as well as building a solid foundation of fun, positive training habits for the dog’s life.

Course Size: Maximum 4 dogs.

Cost: CHF 50.00/hour or CHF 480.00 for a 10-lesson block

Start: Courses will be run by request. Starting dates are flexible.

One to One Training

All of the above courses can be booked as Private Lessons or Family Lessons (advantages: individual support, behavioural issues or specific training needs)

Cost: CHF 70.00/hour or CHF 650.00 for a 10-lesson block

In Your Home Training

In a limited number of special cases, I offer in-your-home training.

Cost: CHF 90.00/hour or CHF 850.00 for a 10-lesson block

Types of Courses Offered

About the Courses

 New: Dog Training for
the whole Family

It is important that everyone in the family learn how to interact with their dog or puppy (and vice-versa).

Dannegger-Training offers offering private family courses on Saturdays, Sundays or evenings.

Cost: CHF 70.00 /hour or CHF 650.00 for a 10-lesson block

Dannegger-Training’s small group courses (max 4 dogs) are organized in such a way that each dog-handler team can work on the exercises simultaneously, thus maximizing training time. Each team gets very individualized attention and, after the lesson, training session review notes are emailed, sometimes with a video attachment, to the clients each week.

Andrea knows that a dog that can “sit”, “down”, “come” and walk nicely on a leash, does not necessarily make a well-behaved pet in the home! That is why many of her lessons involve tips on managing the dog in the house to reduce the frustration of behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, jumping on guests, just to name a few common complaints.

Andrea also encourages her clients to contact her by email or Whats App with questions and/or videos between sessions to optimize their training at home.

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“Puppy Club”:

Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, free puppy socialization sessions in English.

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