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Why Train Indoors?

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Andrea and Lily introduction and marker training:
“I recorded this for the Leerburg Online University course in Relationship Games with trainer Mark Keating: (It’s a wonderful course, Mark is brilliant!)

Dieses Video habe ich für den Leerburg Online University Kurs Relationship Games with trainer Mark Keating     aufgenommen: (Ein Super Kurs; Mark ist brilliant!)”

Lily Training Eye Contact / Blickkontakt

Another assignment from my Leerburg Online University "Relationship Games" course. Teaching "Watch" = make eye contact. “Lily and I had to take the train to a canine first-aid seminar Saturday morning at Certodog. So while we were waiting for the train to leave the station, I did some "watch" practice with her and I set up my little camera on the window sill. (Lily is sitting opposite me inside her travel bag.) -- There's a bit of background noise from the train station, but I liked the close ups of her face.”

Videos taken at Dannegger-Training

Jet playing “It’s Yer Choice”

“This is Jet's second session of Susan Garrett's game "It's Yer Choice". The point of the exercise is to get the dog to understand that he gets what he wants only when he does what I want. In this case, he will only get the treat if he first makes eye-contact with me.”

Nosework at Dannegger Training

This is Trey doing incredibly well with Andrew Ramsey’s Nosework training method (

Equipment for training dog balance and coordination/ Geräte zur Schulung von Gleichgewicht und Koordination:

For proper dog physical therapy, I recommend: / für professionelle Hunde-Physiotherapie empfehle ich:

Lily on the FitPAWS® donut   

Lily as a young puppy on the Bertram Kreisel balance board:

Just for fun videos

Playdate at Dannegger-Training

Lily and Moni (Havanese) playing in slow motion

Pool of Balls

Product recommendations / Produktempfehlungen:

Mekuti Balance Harness

Wieso indoor Training?

Courses / Kurse

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